Interested People: Passive Online Income

Free to Sign Up and Get Paid

Below are the current "freebies"... programs where you can sign up and get paid before having to pay anything or to be benefactored in by someone.

1. FREE Money. Yeah, it is true! You have to watch ads... but they really pay and it really can add up!

This page has banners for each one that is currently paying. I bookmarked this page and use it to do my "daily rounds" clicking at each and earning.
Make sure you check out the strategy guide here to get the most out of the top two companies.

The Bullion Vault - Free Gram of Gold and make money too!

This is not HYIP or MLM! This is kinda like egold, except you cannot transfer money between accounts. It is a real, gold backed company, you can read about it in several places, just google it.

Here's the great thing.... they give you a gram of gold for free. You can sell that gram through their trading platform (this is extremely simple, you'll see), then buy a gram back and then sell it and so on, always asking for a slight profit each time. You can build up your account this way in gold and or cash.