Interested People: Passive Online Income

Welcome to the "Interested People" money making group.

We specialize in passive income opportunities... so you don't have to recruit unless you want to.

My name is Suzanna Dreyer.


I live in France and am the proud Mom of three beautiful children ages 16, 12 and 10 and I have been earning money on line for over 15 years now.

Get out of the HYIP rat race and start looking at real and verifiable ways to make a passive income online!

Most of us are looking for an Internet Business or program that works. Something real and solid. Something legal. Something that REALLY PAYS!  We come on line and constantly search for our American Dream: Make money at home! Work for yourself! Be a pyjama millionaire!And we immediately find two kinds of programs: Fast Money and Network Marketing.

Of course we try the fast money programs first... who doesn't want to make 150% interest on their money daily? And gosh, you don't even have to recruit, advertise or have a downline to do it!  We then try every variation of HYIP ever invented. Some of them sound like they are really based on forex trading or some amazing business scheme from a mad financial genius that simply wants to share his wealth with us "regular folks". Sometimes the HYIP even lasts long enough to make some easy money if we play it smart before the site and program operators disappear overnight. But no matter what, 100% of them crash eventually one way or another, and most people lose their money.

And you are still looking for that Internet Business that REALLY works, you wouldn't be reading this if you weren't. But most of you HYIPers are still looking for that free lunch program. No work, just throw in some money and watch your account grow. You've got to realize that you're not going to find many, if any, HYIPs that last for long... Not usually even long enough to break even, much less make a profit.

And MLM/Network Marketing? Lots of lotions and potions... and worse yet... ugh you have to recruit people!!

But you know what? MLMs are the long term businesses. These are the programs that have persevered for years and people are really making money with them. They are legal and have a legitimate product. But like any real business, you have to invest some of your money and some of your time to make it a success.

You have to work a little. You have to put in some of your own money. You have to find a company that has been in business for a while and proven itself.

Look at it this way, where in the world can you get into a real business without putting some of your own money in? Think of what it costs just to get a McDonald's franchise! Then you have to work 20 hours a day to make it a success.

And this is where I come in.... I have been making money on line for about 15 years now and one thing I learned very early on is that most people do NOT want to have to recruit. They do not want to advertise or sell things. So it quickly became my business to find ways to get these people, known as passive investors, out of the HYIP games and into real businesses where they don't have to worry about programs and their money disappearing overnight AND finding ways that they don't have to recruit to be successful.

Admittedly, this is not an easy task and I am very picky about what I choose to propose to my downline.

Interested People from all over the world have joined me on this noble quest. It is my pleasure to serve this passive market with my experience and the best of my abilities.

Thank you!


Rules and Disclaimer

Basically, just follow the golden rules of online spending:

NEVER spend more than you are ready to lose. ALL on line programs are like gambling in Vegas. Even the truly legit ones can run into trouble and get shut down for various reasons. We have seen this too many times to ignore the possibility of it happening with ANY program.

ALWAYS get your seed money out first and play with profits (if you can). It is always tempting to just let it ride, especially when you follow the first rule and are ready to risk losing your original funds. But the people who make more than they lose regularly do this: get out seed money, then take out half of profits every time and respend the rest.

DIVERSIFY as much as you can. Choose several of the better programs and spread your funds over all of them as much as you can.

Please note that I often get very enthusiastic about programs and it is always genuine enthusiasm. I will never "fake it" to try and sell you a program that I am not truly confident of. My job is finding programs that are going to make YOU money. My radar is still not perfect, but it is getting better. Nonetheless, YOU must do your own Due Diligence and decide for yourself which programs are worthy of you risking your funds. I count on you to realize that it is your decision every time you make a spend.